Teaching & Lecturing,
Colleges & Universities

Bard College
Claiming Your Voice: Poetics of Resiliency, based on Lucille Clifton & other
contemporary poets; 4 Credits; Bard Prison Initiative at Eastern CF, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009; Bard at Woodbourne CF, 2004, 2008.

Oneonta State College
The Poet as Witness: An Introduction to the Political Poem; Weekend Mini-Course, 13 Hours,
1 Credit, Oneonta, NY, Spring 2002.

Harper College
Lecture: The Beats, A Personal Perspective; Palatine Ill., Spring 2002.
Lecture: Women in 20 th Century Literature, Spring 2006.

University of Massachusetts Lowell
Keynote Speaker, Beat Attitudes, October 2001.

Naropa Institute
The Poet as Witness: An Introduction to the Political Poem;

Week-long course, 1 Credit, Boulder, CO., Summer 2000.

Lecture: The Political Face of Beat Generation, 2 classes.
Open Forum: Poetry in the
Prisons; Performance: Voices under the Harvest Moon, Anthology from Eastern CF, and Mad Dogs of Trieste, new book from Black Sparrow, Rochester NY, 2000.

Oneonta State College
Lecture on her book, Tracking the Serpent, required reading in
Dr. Meanor's Literature Course; Forum: Teaching Poetry in a Correctional Facility; Performance with musician Alan Murphy: Blues Suite from Prison. Oneonta NY, 1999.

University of California at Santa Cruz
Lecture: Travel & the Beat Generation, reading
from Tracking the Serpent; Colloquium with Waldman, Kyger, Cassady, Hawkins: Women of the Beat Generation; Santa Cruz, CA. 1997.

San Jose State University
Colloquium with Waldman, Kyger, Hawkins: Women and the Beat
Generation; Performance: Tracking the Serpent, San Jose, CA. November 1997.

SUNY New Paltz
Guest Lecturer and Teacher: Authentic Poetry Writing in the Classroom;
New Paltz, NY, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001.

Scripp's College
Symposium with Angela Davis, DeeDee Halleck, et al: Education or

Performance: Blues Suite from Prison; Pomona, CA, October 1998.

Teaching Experience in Arts in Education Programs

Alternative Literary Programs in the Schools (ALPS); Teachers & Writers, NYC; CRCAIE, Albany;  The New York City Ballet, NYC; The Writer's Voice, Adirondacks; Poets in The Schools, NY; Young Audiences of Rochester.   Twenty-five years of teaching experience in both Spanish & English; grades K through 12, including Special Education.  Articles on teaching poetry appear in Luna, Luna, 1997, & The Alphabet of the Trees, 2000, T & W Collaborative.



Creative Writing
Workshops in Prisons &
Youth Facilities since 1976

(Length of series from eight weeks to
thirteen years, depending on venue)

New York State Department
of Corrections Services

Maximum Security, men:
Attica, Sing Sing,
Green Haven,
Eastern (Napanoch),

Medium Security:
Otisville, Mid-Orange,
Wyoming, Collins,
Woodbourne, Groveland.

Maximum Security, Women:
Bedford Hills.

Medium Security, Women:
Bayview, Albion,
Riker's Island for Women.

Office of Children
& Family Service
(formerly Division for Youth)

Maximum Security,
Teenage Boys:
Hudson Valley Secure Center

Medium Security,
Teenage Boys:
Highland Residential Center

Medium Security,
Teenage Girls:
Sojourner Truth;
Willowbrook in S.I.

Young Adults
in Drug Rehabilitation:
Veritas Village,

Sullivan County.

William James Society
California Prisons

Maximum Security for Men:
Soledad Prison,
Folsom Prison.

New York Women's Prison
Association (WPA)

Halfway houses for
women exiting prison:
Huntington House,

Providence House
Providence House

Prisons in Perú,
South America

Maximum Security
for Men:

Maximum Security
for Women:

Prison in Italy

Medium Security for Men:
Casa Circonariale
Santa Caterina

Pistoia, Italy.

Editor, Anthologies

Candles Burn in Memory Town,
Sing Sing,
Westchester County,
Segue Books 1988.

Ain't Nobody
Gonna Slow Me Down,

Poets in Public Service,
Willowbrook, S.I.,1989.

Courage of Stones,
Highland Residential Center,
Ulster County, 1990.

Carve Your Dreams,
Bayview CF.
NYC, 1990.

Quiet Feelings. Leaping Souls,
Hudson Valley Secure Center,
Dutchess County,1991.

Travel Ceremonies,
Bayview CF,
NYC, 1991

Music from the Other Side,
Poets in Public Service & Veritas,
Sullivan County, 1992.

These Are Successful Hands,
Segue Books,
Huntington House,
NYC, 1994.

No Boundaries,
Segue Books,
Woodbourne CF,
Sullivan County, 1996.

Voices Under the Harvest Moon,
Segue Books, Eastern CF,
Ulster County, 1999.