Poetry Festivals

(selected list,
last eleven years)








Janine Pommy Vega, Ira Cohen,
Anne Waldman, John Giorno,
Jack Hirschman, Pullman My Daisy
City Lights Italia Tour, July 2000



Antonio Bertoli, Tour Director, Janine,
Agneta Falk, Lawrence Ferlenghetti,
Anne Waldman, person unkown,
Pullman My Daisy
City Lights Italia Tour, July 2000


Joann Kyger, Hettie Jones, and Janine Pommy Vega
in Hettie's Apartment, NYC 2005



Charles Plymell, Ray Bremser,
Janine Pommy Vega,
Cherry Valley Arts Festival,
August 1998



El Duende Poetry Series,
with jazz quartet J'zamm

Placitas, N.M., January 2010.

Verso Sud,
International Poetry Festival

Reggio Calabria, Italy, October 2009.

Sarajevo 2009,
International Poetry Meeting

Sarajevo, Bosnia, September 2009.

Stanza, Celebration of Swedish Translation Beat Women Poets
Malmoe, Sweden, Sept. 2009.

National Hispanic Institute
Albuquerque, N.M. June 2009.

Peñasco Theatre
Peñasco, N.M., June 2009.

Mile High Underground
Byer-Evans Mansion, Denver, CO.,
June 2009.

Naropa Institute
Boulder, CO. June 2009.

Woodstock Memoir Festival
Woodstock, NY, February 2009.

Women's Arts International Festival
Kendal, UK, May 2007. 

Sprachsalz, International Festival
of Literature

Hall, Tyrol, Austria, September 2006. 

The Other America, Poetry Festival
in Salerno, Italy

Multimedia, Summer 2005, 2006.

Labor & The Social Conscience:
15 th Annual Labor Arts Tribute

Detroit, MI, Fall 2005. 

Howl! 2nd Annual Festival
of East Village Arts

Tompkins Sq. Park, NYC, August 2004.

Il Cammino delle Comete,
International Poetry Festival

Multimedia, Pistoia, Italy, June 2004.

Sarajevo 2003,
International Poetry Festival

Sarajevo, Bosnia, October 2003.

Woodstock Poetry Festival
Woodstock, NY, August 2001,
August 2002, August 2003. 

Words & Voices, International
Poetry Festival

DAI, Heidelberg, Germany, November 2001. 

City Lights Italia, Festival Beat
Florence, Italy, May 2001. 

The People's Poetry Gathering
City Lore & Poets House,

City Wide Festival
Performance, Blues Suite; and Chair, Open Forum: Prison Poetry , NYC, April, 2001. 

Lo Spirito dei Luoghi, The Spirit of Place, International Poetry Festival
Multimedia Edizioni, Casa della Poesía, Aiello di Baronissi, Italy, October 2000. 

Bumbershoot 2000 , International Poetry and Music Festival
Seattle WA., Sept. 2000. 

Residenze Estive
Artists and Poets in Duino, Trieste , Italy , August 2000. 

Parole di Mare International
Poetry Festival

Multimedia Edizioni,
Amalfi, Italy, July 2000.

Pullman My Daisy, City Lights Italia International Poetry Tour:
Cagliari , Rome, Tourin, Vallombrosa,
Cosenza, Firenze, Italy, July 2000. 

Labor Arts Tribute
The Writer's Voice,
Detroit , Michigan , October 1999. 

International Poetry Festival
Teatro Alcestis & City Lights Italia,
Sardegna , Italy , July 1999. 

World Heavyweight Championship Poetry Bout
Taos Poetry Circus,
N. M., Spring 1999.