"...All walks feel like  Calvary..."


Above is a link to a wonderfully written acknowledgement of her in the Woodstock Times

Janine Pommy Vega died peacefully in her home in Willow, NY on December 23, 2010.
Andy Clausen, her partner of many years, was with her.

I met Janine on the bus from Kingston. She was coming to NYC to do a reading at the Gershwin Hotel.
I was returning from my getaway place in Pine Hill. As we chatted and identified our selves' identities,
she told me she very much wanted a web site, did not have one, but had no idea how to proceed.
I told her I could help her, that we could build it together, based on what she told me, and I contacted her.
At first nothing happened.
But the following year she read at the Pine Hill Community Center, and I reintroduced myself and spoke
to her of her web site need. It took her a while to recall our bus conversation, but then she grabbed onto it
and we started from there.
We batted ideas around and about it, back and forth, and slowly the site took shape and grew.
It is, finally, and in this form and substance, her description of herself.


In her last years she spoke openly of her failing body.
There was no failing in the power or clarity of her voice, or the inner strength of her person,
or of her dedication to her students. I witnessed her devotion in the midst of great pain.
In one of her last emails to me she spoke of the difficulty of walking or moving at all....
"...All walks feel like Calvary..."

I will miss her great soul's presence. Fortunately for all of us,
we have her, and her thoughts and ideas, in the works she has left us.
It has been an honor to have met Janine, and to have worked with her in bringing this site into being.

Tony Jannetti
December 24, 2010-Feb 2, 2011