Anthologized in

Kvinnas Beat:
9 poeter fran beatnikeran
(Nine Beat Women Poets)
in Swedish, Smockadoll forlag, Sweden

Prison Culture:
A Catalog of The Prison Project
Intersection for the Arts with San Francisco
State University, City Lights Foundation

Bowery Women Poems

Bowery Books

The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

Thunder's Mouth Press

Present Tense: Poets in the World
Hanging Loose Press

Shamanic Warriors Now Poets

RSR Publishing, Glasgow

An Eye for an Eye Makes the
Whole World Blind: Poets on 9/11

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Waging Words for Peace

Niagara River Press
Poems for the Nation

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Up Late, American Poetry Since 1970
4 Walls 8 Windows

Out of This World


What We Know So Far

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City Lights Pocket Poets Anthology

City Lights Books

Women of the Beat Generation

Conari Press

American Poets Say Goodbye to the
20th Century

4 Walls 8 Windows

A Different Beat

High Risk Books 



And as Editor, Anthologies

Candles Burn
in Memory Town

Sing Sing
Westchester County
Segue Books 1988

Ain't Nobody Gonna
Slow Me Down

Poets in Public Service
Willowbrook, S.I.,1989

Courage of Stones
Highland Residential Center
Ulster County, 1990

Carve Your Dreams
Bayview CF
NYC, 1990

Quiet Feelings,
Leaping Souls

Hudson Valley Secure Center
Dutchess County,1991

Travel Ceremonies
Bayview CF
NYC, 1991

Music from the Other Side
Poets in Public Service & Veritas
Sullivan County, 1992

These Are Successful Hands
Segue Books
Huntington House
NYC, 1994

No Boundaries
Segue Books
Woodbourne CF
Sullivan County, 1996

Voices Under
the Harvest Moon

Segue Books
Eastern CF
Ulster County, 1999

She has recorded her poems
and a memoir of the Beats
for Audio Literature's
spoken word version of

Women of the Beat Generation

She translated the poems of migrant workers in
upstate New York for a bi-lingual anthology

Estamos Aquí

Bowery Books